Our story

Amrutha Mansions Pvt. Ltd was established in 2009. We understand the importance of time and hence we give it the utmost attention. Trends and tastes change with the passage of time and it is a well Known fact. The concept of fine living has changed along with the standard of living. Lot of things have changed in the fields of infrastructure, architecture, landscaping and technology, we are bringing together all these for the people, so that they can experience a lifestyle with a wide horizon, easy accessibility & availability of basic amenities as well as the luxuries.

What we Do

We, at Amrutha Mansions are providing realistic ventures where the investment will be multiplied. The ventures are located in the vicinity of growth areas; we are promoting couple of ventures which are hot spots as per their locations. We are developing the ventures genuinely with all necessary gated facilities. The ventures are 100% clear titled and HMDA approved (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority).

Managing Director

Mr. Y.Amarjeev Reddy

Ethics & Values

  • We are fair and open with everybody
  • We keep our promises
  • We support everyone for doing the right thing
  • We listen to each other and share knowledge willingly
  • We willingly combine our expertise
  • We work at creating excellent relationships
  • We act as if we are part of a bigger picture
  • We go the extra mile to deliver
  • We do not tolerate underperformance in ourselves or in others
  • We will not compromise on safety or quality
  • We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions
  • We care about how our actions affect others and the wider environment
  • We treat everyone equally and embrace difference
  • We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential
  • We appreciate the skills and abilities of others

JMC is one of the major contributors in nation building process by developing civil infrastructure projects. Our endeavor of developing of highways to tunnels and bridges to regional development programs, from metro terminals to public transport systems, has improved the quality of human life and had contributed to sustainable economic growth. In addition, JMC is experienced in forming public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects. This expertise makes us to deliver the best output with lowest possible costs.

JMC enhances the efficiency of our economy by providing full range services for a diverse range of technologically challenging and complex infrastructure projects. We hold a very strong position in Highways & Roads sector in India, strengthening India’s infrastructural dream.

Following are JMC's core focus areas:

Highways/Expressways/Roads etc

Across the country, JMC has executed some remarkable transportation projects which include Expressways, National Highways, State Highways, flyovers etc. Timely delivery within budgeted targets while adhering to international standards of safety & quality is the core strength of this business vertical.

Flyovers/Bridges/Elevated Corr

JMC's heritage in structural design and execution distinguishes us as a leader in construction of elevated corridors such as flyovers, bridges etc. The vertical has strong expertise in the design and construction of a wide array of civil structures like flyovers, viaducts, bridges etc.


Leveraging core domain expertise, JMC undertakes works in water infrastructure specializing in water network, water treatment plants, desalination and management of water projects, waste water treatment etc. JMC has also developed capability of executing underground drainage network for meeting the requirements of a large town or a city

Metro Rail, MRTS etc.:

JMC is involved in the construction of metro rail systems, Mass Transit Transportation Systems (MRTS) etc. JMC has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of Delhi Metro and Bangalore Metro projects. JMC has provided services in allied activities - viaduct and station construction etc.


Recently, JMC has started taking works in Railways sector. This sector is being envisaged as key factor which can drive the future and enable us participate in development of our country.

Industrial growth of any country is reflection of flourishing economy. Every industry relies on the strength of its structural construction for growth. Over the period of time, JMC has geared up to construct industrial units and power plant structures by leveraging expertise in advanced construction methodologies and techniques. We provide engineering, design, procurement, construction services to manufacturing clients.

Following are JMC's core focus areas:

Automobile & Ancillary

JMC is gradually becoming a force that brings in speed in our people's lives through automobiles. JMC has successfully collaborated with leading automobile players of our country in construction of their manufacturing set ups.


JMC's diversified industrial experience has been perfectly suited for the challenges in building chemical empires of our clients. Combined result of JMC's corporate resume and expertise in construction methodologies, material handling etc. requirements etc. is much sought after in modern process oriented world. Recently, JMC has also started catering to needs of Oil & Gas sector thr

Food Processing

Clients served by JMC represent some of the most diversified food & beverages companies. Experience gained from these projects provides a wide range of capabilities to serve our next clients. This results into customer centric solutions which consistently help our customers meet their business objectives.


Through our group synergies, JMC has developed capabilities in serving our clients through providing engineering and construction solutions for metals production facilities. Reputation of delivering well executed construction projects within baseline expectations is one of JMC's trademarks. JMC has developed metals expertise in refining, smelting, recycling, rolled products, flat products/s


After serving some of the leading IT giants, JMC has also created remarkable footprint in serving pharmaceutical clients for their state-of the art manufacturing set ups, R&D facilities etc. Today, JMC is one of the leading providers of EPC services to our pharmaceutical patrons.


JMC is justly contributing in realizing our country's dream of becoming power self-sufficient. Being a key constituent of infrastructure, performance of the power sector directly impacts the overall economy of a country. JMC's Power division has been set up with the express purpose of harnessing the business opportunities in the EPC segment in the coming years. With successful experienc

  1. Sports Complexes & Facilities
    JMC has participated in construction of some of the landmark public buildings including sports complexes, stadia, auditoriums etc.
  2. Tourism Projects
    JMC Projects has undertaken various infrastructure and civic projects to help boost the tourism in India. The transformation of the Sabarmati river front is one such example of an activity embarked on by JMC.